Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse Regulatory Update

by Kate Allan The salt marsh harvest mouse is an elusive Bay Area native that you may have come across in nature guides, open space signage, or construction and restoration work in a salt marsh.  It is a small brown mouse with a white or reddish belly found only in salt marshes around the San … Continue Reading »

Bringing Your Project Application and Biological Surveys Up to Date

There is a shortage of housing stock in the Bay Area. Environmental protections and development constraints are greater than ever. Land values are climbing higher than at the height of the 2008 bubble. Many developments that began the planning process in the 2007-2008 era were shelved because of the national financial crisis.  Now many of … Continue Reading »

WRA Teams with U of Maryland for Carbon Field Work

This post was originally published on Sonoma County Veg Map. As a companion study to the vegetation mapping program, Dr. Ralph Dubayah from the University of Maryland is producing a map of carbon sequestered in Sonoma County’s live vegetation. This work is funded by NASA (read more in this press release). When natural vegetation (biomass) is … Continue Reading »

WRA Open for Environmental Consulting in San Diego

WRA is excited to announce the opening of our new San Diego office. San Diego is a natural fit for us.  We have worked on a broad range of important projects in the region for over 30 years, are very familiar with local regulations, and have excellent relationships with all of the local regulators.  For … Continue Reading »

How California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Permits Affect You

  Projects with environmental impacts in Califonia don’t happen without agency participation.  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is the oldest wildlife conservation agency in the country and to this day is a linchpin in the protection of California wildlife.  If you have ever hunted or fished in California, you’ve received a CDFW recreational … Continue Reading »