A Message from WRA, Inc. Regarding COVID-19

Dear Clients, Project Partners, and Colleagues:

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic rapidly evolving, we want to inform you of our efforts to honor our commitments to meeting project deadlines and providing deliverables, while ensuring the health and safety of both our clients and staff. Our executive team is meeting daily to update our operations, project delivery, and health and safety plans based on the latest guidelines from federal, state, and local authorities. We are proactively communicating with staff and providing tools to help work proceed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

WRA is a California-based company and many of our offices are located in counties where ‘shelter-in-place’ orders have been mandated for at least the next few weeks. We continue to operate under normal business hours and have transitioned to a fully virtual environment, with staff now working from their homes. Non-essential travel and in-person meetings have been eliminated for the immediate future.

A large portion of our work is field-dependent, and based on current guidelines, we are confident these efforts can be maintained during the shelter-in-place orders because they support the operations and maintenance of “essential infrastructure” for many of our clients, projects, and market sectors. This is welcome news, and many of our clients have already sent confirmations of notice to proceed and/or travel exemptions to keep the work moving forward. We will remain vigilant in ensuring compliance with social distancing requirements and letting our clients take the lead in guiding any and all health and safety protocols on a project-by-project basis.

Be assured you will receive the same level of responsiveness and quality of service as staff and project teams employ best practices, including remote access to email and voicemail, as well as use of teleconferencing tools such as Zoom and Slack, to keep communication seamless and projects on schedule. 

We appreciate your support during these challenging times and send well wishes to you, your teams, and your families. Please reach out if you have questions, or if we can provide additional assistance as we navigate these uncharted waters together as a community.


Geoff Smick
Chief Executive Officer