Mark Kalnins

Senior Regulatory Permitting Specialist


Mark advises clients on regulatory compliance matters triggered by working in and around wetlands, waterways and other protected areas. He provides permit entitlements for projects in many industries and markets, ranging from transportation, utility infrastructure, and residential and commercial development, to environmental remediation and habitat restoration.  Mark is particularly strong at plant identification, and conducting wetland delineations and detailed site evaluations, while also interpreting policy and regulations to guide environmental planning and preparation of entitlement documents.

Mark is a wetland ecologist with experience conducting wetland and habitat surveys, enforcing water quality programs and permit approvals, securing mitigation solutions, and implementing habitat restoration projects. He works frequently in and around streams, riparian areas and floodplains, tidal and non-tidal shorelines, deepwater habitats, forested wetlands, vernal pools, grasslands, as well as protected species and critical habitats.  His clients include state agencies, highway departments, energy suppliers, non-profit conservation groups, and private consultants.

As a former permit writer for a State agency, Mark understands complex permit entitlements and is able to negotiate regulatory hurdles with attention to detail and accuracy. He has managed permitting for large energy transmission and utility corridors; highway, railway and maritime-related infrastructure; academic institutions; and private developments.  He also represented State-agency interests related to wetland delineations and functional assessments, water quality permitting, and mitigation analysis in partnership with USFWS, Corps of Engineers, USEPA, and State resource agencies.


Antonio Mountain Ranch Mitigation Bank, Placer County, California

Elsie Gridley Mitigation Bank, Solano County, California

Torian Residential Development Project (Bayshores), City of Newark, California

Yokohl Ranch Wetland Delineation and Permit Support Services, County of Tulare, California

Santa Clara Valley Water District, Lower Silver Creek Year-10 Mitigation Monitoring, San Jose, California


BS, Plant Biology, Ohio State University

MS, Environmental Science, Christopher Newport University


Certified Wetlands Practitioner, Christopher Newport University Center for Wetland Conservation

Wetland Delineator Certification Program (Sec. 307(e) WRDA 1990). Wetland Training Institute

Basic and Advanced Problems in Hydric Soil Evaluation, North Carolina State University. April 2002

Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector, Commonwealth of Virginia. November 2005