Nathan Bello



Nathan Bello is a Principal at WRA, Inc. He is an experienced biologist with expertise in compensatory mitigation, natural resources planning, ecological restoration, wetland and endangered species science, and environmental regulations.  Nathan worked as a wildlife biologist for the United States Forest Service and as an NEPA/CEQA analyst for the County of Sacramento before coming to WRA in 2007. At WRA Nathan provides services focused on the planning, establishment, and management of large mitigation projects.  His experience working in both the public and private sectors has provided him with an in-depth understanding of the complex organizational structures and processes surrounding federal, state and local environmental regulations.

Nathan has worked on several large mitigation/conservation projects in California, including the planning and assessment of numerous wetland mitigation banks, species conservation banks, single user mitigation projects, and open space planning projects.  His role in these projects has included project management, conducting biological assessments, special status species surveys, wetland delineations, performance monitoring, market supply and demand research, feasibility studies, regulatory permitting, habitat management planning, bank approval, agency coordination, endowment analyses, service area determinations, credit sales and bank marketing.


Cowpacity: A Grazing Carrying Capacity GIS Model


Soquel Canyon Mitigation Bank, San Bernardino and Orange Counties, California

Petersen Ranch Mitigation Bank, Leona Valley, California

Lucky Day Ranch Mitigation Bank, Santa Clara County, California

North Bay Conservation and Mitigation Banks, Marin County, California

Colorado Lagoon Mitigation Bank, Long Beach, California

Antonio Mountain Ranch Mitigation Bank, Placer County, California


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