Peter Kobylarz

GIS Manager


Peter Kobylarz studied at the University of Washington and received a BA in Geography and a BA in Political Science. During his time there, he focused his studies on urban geography, conflicting perceptual geographies of natural resources and spaces, and Geographic Information System technology. He has been able to combine his geographic training with his personal and professional information technology experience to pursue a career in GIS. He possesses a broad set of skills which cover both the technical and spatial aspects of the discipline.

Peter comes to WRA as GIS Department Head after over 7 years of experience as a GIS Specialist for the County of Mono. During his time there he participated in all aspects of Enterprise GIS and helped Mono County grow into a shining example of state-of-the-art GIS technology usage in the small/local government sector. Peter led Mono County’s participation in Esri’s early adopter and beta programs and participated in holistic testing to help provide feedback to Esri in the development of future versions of ArcGIS software. He also supervised the adoption and implementation of ArcGIS Server technology for the County which provided a platform to distribute critical live data to staff and taxpayers over web services. Additionally, he served as a project manager and primary liaison between the GIS department and County departments and outside agencies on all projects requiring GIS services.

Peter specializes in GIS process and workflow improvement, Enterprise GIS database administration, GIS data management and automation, online GIS technology, cross-platform GIS data integration, and GIS application development. He hopes to leverage these skills in addition to other emerging technologies and trends in GIS to provide the highest level of service to WRA’s clients.


BA, Geography (College and Departmental Honors), University of Washington, 2007

BA, Political Science, University of Washington, 2007