Federal and State Regulatory Agencies Approve Antonio Mountain Ranch Mitigation Bank

State, Federal Agencies to Protect Nearly 800 Acres to Offset Ecological Impacts


WRA is proud to announce another huge mitigation banking milestone. On June 6, 2018, regulatory agencies approved the final bank instrument for the nearly 800-acre Antonio Mountain Ranch Mitigation Bank in Placer County, California.  After working with the Interagency Review Team for nearly five years, WRA staff successfully garnered approvals from the Environmental Protection Agency, Sacramento District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  We wish to thank and congratulate our clients Ron Bertolina and Chris Donnelly of AKT Investments and our conservation partners at the Placer Land Trust for this amazing accomplishment.

Antonio Mountain Ranch will receive an initial credit release in July 2018 and ultimately will be able to sell credits for the following:

  • Army Corps Section 404 – vernal pool, seasonal wetland, perennial marsh, intermittent stream, and perennial stream
  • CDFW Section 1602 – intermittent stream, perennial stream, floodplain seasonal wetland, perennial marsh, and riparian
  • USFWS ESA – vernal pool fairy shrimp establishment, and vernal pool fairy shrimp preservation
  • CDFW CESA and CEQA – Swainson’s hawk foraging habitat, tri-colored blackbird nesting habitat, tri-colored blackbird foraging habitat

For credit inquiries please contact Ron Bertolina at AKT Investments at 916-383-2500.


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