2019 WRA Conferences

  • Joint American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society (AFS & TWS) Conference, September 29-October 3, Reno, NV. Patricia Valcarcel and Rob Schell “Environmental DNA (eDNA) use for project planning and detection of semi-aquatic herpetofauna”; Rob Schell, WRA senior wildlife biologist and Cheryl Dean, GeniDaqs Laboratory, Cramer Fish Science, “Detecting Vernal Pool Diversity using Environmental DNA”; and Katie Smith, PhD, “Battle of the Taxa? Untangling Competing Restoration Needs of Aquatic and Terrestrial Wildlife in a Space-Limited Estuary”; and Stewart DesMeules, “The Value of a NonTraditional Long Term Data Set: Sampling at a Former Naval Dry Dock”.
  • California Invasive Plant Council Symposium, October 15-18, Riverside, CA. Tyler Hanson, “Measuring change in a changing world: the power of statistics and statistical power”.
  • San Francisco Estuary Partnership, State of the Estuary Conference, October 21-22, Oakland, CA. Katie Smith, PhD, “Mice in the Middle: The Special Case of Terrestrial Wildlife in the Marshes of the San Francisco Estuary”; and Stewart DesMeules, “The Value of a NonTraditional Long Term Data Set: Sampling at a Former Naval Dry Dock”.
  • Conservation Law Forum, June 26, San Francisco, CA. Jane Rice, “A Cooperative Model for Carbon Crediting in the Santa Cruz Mountains & Beyond”.
  • Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists, June 2019. June 28-July 2, Washington, DC. Katie Smith, PhD, “Untangling competing restoration needs of mammals and other taxa in a space-limited estuary”.
  • Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting, May 28-31 , Baltimore, MD. Katie Smith, PhD, “Life in the Fast Lane: Conserving Sensitive Species in a Highly Diverse, Extremely Urbanized, and Rapidly Changing Estuary”.
  • California Society for Ecological Restoration (SERCAL), April 10-12, Santa Barbara, CA. Kari Dupler, chair of the Technology & Tools conference session and poster presenter, ” Public-Private Collaboration for Land Preservation”; Katie Smith, PhD, “Restoration or Reconciliation? Shifting paradigms and strategies for conserving threatened wildlife in the San Francisco Estuary”; Ashley Zavagno, CESP, “Restoring ecological processes: challenges with uncertainty in mitigation banking”; Andrew Cawley, “Mitigation banking: an engine for restoration”; Patricia Valcarcel, CWB, “Environmental DNA (eDNA) use for project planning and species detection”; and Sundaran Gillespie, GISP, “UAV/RTK data collection for active construction oversight and as-built documentation”.
  • The Wildlife Society – Western Section Annual Meeting, February 4-8, Yosemite, CA. Patricia Valcarcel, CWB, “Conservation of an Endemic Reptile: Creation and Potential Applications of a Rangewide Habitat Model for the Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma mcallii)“; Katie Smith, PhD, “The salt marsh harvest mouse in anthropogenic landscapes: Threat to persistence or opportunity to thrive?”. Katie is also a member of the Western Section Executive Board and Student Affairs Committee Chair, coordinated several networking and professional development activities for students, early career professionals, and professionals.