Private Land + Investment

Creating lucrative approaches to the restoration and conservation of private land.

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Opportunities abound for investment in private land. A lesser known investment option – mitigation and conservation banking – comes with the added benefit of preserving ecologically significant land in perpetuity. The mitigation and conservation banking market is similar to the carbon credit market: ecologically important land is preserved in one location and sold as credits to offset impacts to land in another location, generally within the same watershed. Our mitigation and conservation banking services span the project lifecycle from the initial site assessment to entitlement and sale of credits, and our experienced staff will add substantial value to your project along every step of the way.

Due Diligence and Land Acquisition

Our clients often seek to build a dream home or undertake a development project on land with significant biological constraints and need sound scientific advice on opportunities of their site. Whether you own a specific parcel or are looking to buy one, WRA can help you determine what biological constraints, if any, are present on your property and how those constraints could actually benefit you. In some cases, we assist clients with our proprietary Bank Feasibility Study, a multi-step process beginning with an initial site evaluation to identify the biological features present at the site. After the initial site assessment, we can then assess the potential of the property to be turned into a mitigation or conservation bank, allowing you to make an informed decision about the investment potential for the site.

Market Evaluation and Parcel Selection

If you are interested in evaluating investment opportunities at a larger regional scale, such as Southern California, WRA can provide you with a top-down analysis that will allow you to identify high-value areas for developing a mitigation or conservation bank. Specifically, we can help you identify imbalances in the supply and demand of mitigation and conservation credits to identify regions with particular supply shortfalls. Finally, we can work with you and your broker to identify potential target properties within such regions using our proprietary GIS database.

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