Quarries + Mines

Planning, permitting, and reclamation of quarries and mines.

Quarry and mining operations for aggregate and rare-earth minerals have been an integral, historic and ongoing part of California’s economy for more than 150 years. The construction and operation of California’s cities, highways, and industrial centers are dependent on the efficient and reliable operation of large-scale mining and quarry operations across various parts of the state. The size and physical impact of these projects on the natural environment is undeniable. However, state and federal regulations such as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the California State Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) mandate specific environmental protections before, during, and after mining operations occur. Mining companies are required, for instance, to assess the existing conditions and natural habitat and species at a project site, to develop long term reclamation and restoration plans and programs to improve the site, and to mitigate long-term impacts on the environment.

WRA has proven expertise in providing a full range of supportive services for quarry and mining projects.  We have performed baseline biological assessments for applications for new and expanded mining operations, and are experienced in environmental impact assessment and the development of mitigation options for construction and operation of mining facilities.  WRA designs and implements construction and operational monitoring programs, including soil testing and water quality monitoring in order to comply with resource agency regulations and performance standards.  We have conducted wetland delineations, riparian surveys, and vegetation surveys to facilitate the development of reclamation and revegetation plans for natural habitat restoration after mining operations end.  Furthermore, WRA has provided supportive research on historic mining activities, and has attended public hearings with local and regional government officials.

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