Ballona Wetlands Ecological Preserve

Wetland and Habitat Enhancement, Restoration, and Management Plans for a 600-acre Ecological Preserve.


  • Restoration, protection and enhancement of coastal wetlands
  • Achieve restoration within constraints of surrounding land uses


Project Description

The Ballona Wetlands comprise 200 acres of coastal salt marsh in the heart of Los Angeles.  Cut off from tidal action, the wetlands still support coastal salt marsh vegetation, endangered species, and other valuable wildlife resources.  The goal of the Friends of Ballona Wetlands has been to work towards the protection, enhancement, and restoration of this important habitat.

Ballona tidal channel in Area B

Ballona tidal channel in Area B

WRA has worked with the Friends on all aspects of the restoration of the wetlands including reviewing plans provided by the developers for habitat enhancement, public trails, and for the creation of a freshwater marsh to restore habitat diversity within the wetland system.  WRA delineated the existing waters and non-wetland waters that fall under the jurisdiction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), the California Coastal Commission (CCC), and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). The team also provided technical services to assist in the development of enhancement and restoration efforts and prepared a muted tidal enhancement plan that was funded by the Corps. WRA also conducted protocol-level rare plant surveys of the site to inform the CEQA process and is currently developing the Conceptual Habitat Restoration Plan and the long-term Adaptive Management Plan for the restoration project.


  • Muted Tidal Enhancement Plan
  • Wetland Delineation Report for the Corps, CCC, and CDFW
  • Dune Revegetation Monitoring Report
  • Protocol-level Rare Plant Survey Report
  • Conceptual Adaptive Management Plan
  • EIR/EIS Review

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