India Basin Re-Development

Developing an environmentally superior waterfront community and park.


Degraded shoreline proposed for tidal marsh restoration.


The suite of projects at 700 and 900 Innes and India Basin Shoreline Park involve a public-private partnership and a forward-thinking design team coalescing to implement a superior waterfront community on the shoreline of San Francisco Bay.  San Francisco developer Build, Inc., San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, and the Trust for Public Land are leading the combined residential, commercial, recreation, and historic/educational project.  WRA is assisting the project by providing baseline existing conditions studies and identifying biological opportunities and constraints.  WRA is working with the design team to appropriately site restored tidal wetlands and other sensitive habitats in addition to public access opportunities adjacent to the Bay.

WRA is also providing sea-level rise analysis for the project so the team can site capital improvements outside of projected rising tides.  In addition, terraced wetlands are being designed to function as seasonal wetlands when built but will be sited at a location where they will turn into tidal wetlands with sea-level rise.  This will provide additional tidal marsh habitat in an area of the Bay with limited natural habitats.  WRA is currently working with the project team in engaging the regulatory agencies on various aspects of the project to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders including the U.S. Amry Corps of Engineers and Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

Sea-level rise analysis includes mapping tidal marsh habitat zones based on observed elevation ranges and then projecting their future extent under higher tides based on projected project elevations.