Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve

Planning the restoration of a historic piece of California's natural heritage.

Wildflower fields on the coastal terrace at the Preserve

The Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve (formerly known as the Cojo-Jalama Ranches or Bixby Ranch) includes over 24,000 acres of land located at Point Conception in Santa Barbara County, California.  Having been operated as a cattle ranch since the Spanish land grant era, the Preserve is truly a historic piece of California’s natural heritage.  Located at the convergence of multiple biogeographic regions, the site is home to an assemblage of rare plant and wildlife species and unique plant communities, including vast tracts of intact coastal bluff habitat, coastal dunes, chaparral, oak woodlands, and rolling grasslands.

From 2012 to 2014, WRA’s biologists traversed the entirety of the site to inventory habitats and species found at the ranch and provide a general assessment of biological conditions.  WRA’s studies included alliance-level vegetation mapping, rare plant surveys, and a wide range of wildlife studies including an extensive network of wildlife cameras, mist-netting for bats and birds, and aquatic studies for California red-legged frog, steelhead, and tidewater goby.  WRA documented an extensive number of rare plants and wildlife, including federal- and state-listed species such as Gaviota tarplant, Lompoc yerba santa, California red-legged frog, and tidewater goby.


Jalachichi Ponds area slated for restoration

WRA has worked extensively with the Nature Conservancy to create a restoration plan for the Jalachichi Ponds area of the ranch.  The plan involves removing an unauthorized stock pond and mitigating for associated impacts.  WRA’s design team worked hand in hand with our GIS team and biologists to assess surrounding areas and create targeted plant communities for restoration based on soils, slope, and aspect.  The plan includes restoring willow riparian, coastal scrub, oak savanah and native grassland habitats.

Want to learn more about this site? Enjoy this interactive map and virtual tour of Dangermond preserve, courtesy of the Nature Conservancy.