Maria Lake

Natural Asset Opportunity Assessment for a Wetland Mitigation Bank Site.

WRA’s natural asset opportunity assessments can shed light on the true value of a property. In the case of Maria Lake, WRA was hired to identify additional value on the property beyond traditional agricultural, recreational, and residential values. WRA discovered the potential for wetland mitigation banking on the site based on an ecological assessment and conducted an opportunity assessment to vet the marketability of wetland credits from the site. Based on the study results, the landowner decided to pursue the development of a bank on a portion of the ranch. To limit risk, the bank will be developed in phases and several easements will be placed on the land as the market develops.

img_0612WRA is in the process of developing the mitigation bank on the property. A prospectus has been approved by the regulatory agencies and final approval is expected by the end of 2016. The mitigation bank will offer palustrine emergent wetland credits in an area that stretches from Monument, Colorado to the North, to the New Mexico border to the South to Canyon City to the West to the Border with Kansas to the East.