Ridge Top Ranch Invasive Plant Control

Strategic control of invasive weeds to improve habitat for listed wildlife species

Ridge Top Ranch Wildlife Conservation Bank, approved in 2015, is a 750-acre cattle ranch located in southern Solano County. The property supports two federally listed wildlife species, California red-legged frog, and Callippe silverspot butterfly. WRA has conducted a range of biological studies at the site, including the development of several GIS-based models used to develop invasive plant management plans. Using these plans, WRA Landscape Restoration began strategically controlling artichoke thistle (Cynara cardunculus), yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis), and distaff thistle (Carthamus lanatus). By reducing the cover of the weeds, native plants important to the butterfly can thrive, helping that species. In addition, the dense thistles can hamper the movement of the frog across the uplands. By removing them it helps maintain movement corridors for the frog to disperse throughout the property.

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