Runnymeade Storm Drain Improvements

Biological, Permitting, and CEQA Services for a Flood Control Project in East Palo Alto.

Wetlands and aquatic resources within the drainage area

Flood control is an integral part of urban development.  To improve local water conveyance and reduce the potential for flood events, the project will alleviate flooding along the urban/bay interface in East Palo Alto.  Due to diminished capacity, the drainage system currently provides inadequate flood protection for nearby residential and commercial areas, therefore requiring excavation of sediment from the drainage canal.  WRA worked with the City of East Palo Alto and its engineers in the development of alternatives to reduce project impacts to wetlands.  As a result, the project’s excavated materials were placed on-site as part of a berm that further reduces the potential for flooding while reducing costs associated with soil hauling.


Spring season vegetation monitoring

WRA completed a biological resources evaluation, CEQA Initial Study/MND, and permit applications to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Board, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as documentation to support consultation with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, and San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.  Information from the biological resources evaluation is also being used by the project team to support design of the rehabilitation.

WRA is currently assisting the City with construction monitoring, particularly for salt marsh harvest mouse and California Ridgway’s rail.