San Dieguito Lagoon Restoration

Conceptual and Final Design for a Wetland Restoration Project in San Diego County.


  • Meet federal and state mitigation requirements for operation of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant
  • Establish a functioning coastal wetland habitat for fish and wildlife


Project Description

WRA prepared conceptual and final designs for a 450-acre wetland and lagoon restoration plan in Del Mar, California.   The restoration was required as a part of the San Onofre Generating Station (SONGS) Mitigation Program to replace impacts to coastal fisheries.  WRA was the lead design firm for the preparation of specific restoration alternatives reflecting a range of engineering, dredging, and habitat possibilities that met the requirements of the project objectives.  WRA conducted field studies of the vegetative communities and assisted in the development of GIS map products for the project area.

Our team worked closely with federal and state agencies and the project team to design habitats for special status plants and wildlife, to provide support to permitting actions for the project.  WRA landscape architects also prepared planting plans, specifications, and fine grading for tidal channels for submission to the Cities of Del Mar and San Diego.

Aerial view of the completed San Dieguito restoration site

Aerial view of the completed San Dieguito restoration site

Construction of the restoration site was completed in 2011 and WRA continues to provide construction observation and permit compliance related services.


  • Final Restoration Plan
  • Long-Term Monitoring Plan
  • Construction Documents
  • Federal and State Agency Permits
  • Construction Monitoring


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