Table Top Conservation Bank

Development of Colorado's First Private Conservation Bank.

table top crop

WRA assisted TTCC, a Denver-based company, in the development of the Table Top Conservation Bank (TTCB). This conservation bank is located in Larimer County, Colorado on a parcel owned by the Colorado State Land Board who was a partner in this venture.

Stonewall Creek runs through the property and was designated by the USFWS as critical habitat for the Preble’s meadow jumping mouse, a species that is dependent on riparian areas. As part of this project, the quality of the mouse habitat will be improved on the property through activities such as grazing management and replanting of thousands of willow stems. Based on the results of this effort, USFWS will grant the TTCB conservation credits that can be sold to developers that need to offset their impacts to mouse habitat in and around Larimer County. These credits are particularly valuable for the developers of water projects such as dams and reservoirs, and to communities in the County.

Since conservation banking is new in Colorado, WRA developed a new set of templates for a Conservation Bank Agreement that would meet the requirements of the USFWS in Colorado’s Mountain-Prairie Region. In addition, WRA worked with local scientists to develop a management plan for this little known species.

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