Union Sanitary District Improvements

Biological, Permitting, and Monitoring Services for Access Improvements to Force Mains along the San Francisco Bay's Eastern Shore.


  • Improve access for regular maintenance of the force main and/or to make emergency repairs
  • Assess potential environmental impacts and obtain necessary regulatory permits
  • Ensure environmental regulatory compliance


Project Description

The Union Sanitary District (USD) Force Main sites are located along the eastern shore of south San Francisco Bay and are typically adjacent to or within marsh or wetland areas, agricultural fields, parks and salt ponds.  The twin Force Mains are approximately 12 miles long, extending from the USD Alvarado Treatment Facility in Union City to the Irvington Pumping Station in Fremont.  USD needed to improve year round access for regular maintenance of the force mains and/or to make emergency repairs.  WRA completed a jurisdictional wetland delineation and biological resources assessment to determine the potential impacts of the project on sensitive aquatic resources and species, and then prepared an Initial Study in support of a CEQA Mitigated Negative Declaration.

Malvaceae vegetation-monitoring

Malvaceae vegetation-monitoring

WRA assisted USD in preparing a project plan that minimized impacts to wetlands along the alignment so that a non-reporting Section 404 Nationwide Permit could be used, and prepared a Section 401 permit application that was submitted to Regional Water Quality Control Board. (RWQCB).  WRA also met on the site with RWQCB personnel to discuss and produce a mitigation plan to satisfy the agency’s requirements for wetland impact compensation.  Authorizations to complete the project were received, and the project was implemented. WRA is currently monitoring the mitigation wetlands for five years as outlined in the Section 401 permit requirements.


  • Initial Study
  • Jurisdictional Wetlands Delineation Report
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Section 401 Permit
  • Mitigation and Monitoring Plan



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