Biological Resources Assessment (BRA)

Land development on or near natural areas typically requires an understanding – whether general or thorough – of the potential biological impacts of your project on the site.


WRA partners closely with clients to determine the precise biological study that is needed to meet the requests of governing agencies. We complete assessments of biological resources for a wide range of projects — from those necessitating due diligence prior to purchasing a property to others requiring preparation of Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Because each project and site is unique, WRA consults with you to determine the level of assessment that is just right for you. The level of effort required can be as minimal as a desktop analysis – just a few hours of work – to an extensive multi-species survey of the entire property. These extensive projects are conducted over time and are generally required as part of an EIR. We also provide expert opinion on biological constraints to development, thresholds of significance, impacts assessment, and mitigation planning, depending on your needs.