Environmental Impact Assessment

WRA conducts and coordinates technical studies and analyses to determine specific environmental impacts related to your project.


WRA provides CEQA services, required in California for any project that will have potential impacts to the environment. In addition to our CEQA/NEPA capabilities, WRA also provides specialized environmental analyses and services to meet each client’s individual needs, including:

  • Aesthetics/Viewshed Studies
  • Agricultural Land Evaluation and Site Assessments
  • Biological Resources Studies
  • Land Use and Zoning Analyses
  • Mitigation Monitoring
  • Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs
  • Peer Review Services
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Environmental Constraints Analyses
  • Strategic Assistance
  • Entitlement Processing
  • GIS Service

We also maintain excellent working relationships with a wide range of technical subconsultants available to provide expert services in areas such as traffic assessments, cultural resources, hazardous materials investigation, noise analyses, and air quality analysis.

Environmental Review Project Management

WRA’s CEQA/NEPA project management approach is based on our understanding that every project presents a unique set of challenges. The most important consultant function in the environmental review process is effective project management. In this role, WRA is responsible for:

  • supervising technical consultants who prepare specialized technical studies;
  • coordinating with the lead agency; and
  • facilitating communication between agencies, the project development team (including the applicant, attorney, architect, et al.), and all consultants.

WRA is recognized for the effective execution of these responsibilities, which ultimately determines the schedule, cost, and legal adequacy of the environmental review process for any project.

Public Outreach and Meetings

WRA specializes in outreach to applicable agencies and the public regarding the scope and content of environmental analyses for projects subject to CEQA and/or NEPA. These efforts include the preparation and circulation of a Notice of Preparation of a Draft EIR pursuant to CEQA and a Notice of Intent for preparation of a Draft EIS pursuant to NEPA. We also assist lead agencies in conducting public scoping meetings where we present the project, describe the environmental review process, and obtain comments from interested parties regarding the scope of the environmental document.