Desktop Biological Resources Assessment

We help clients save time and money by providing quick and affordable natural resources constraints analyses for land development projects.

The Desktop Biological Resources Assessment provides preliminary analyses of potential biological resources on properties in California. This online service performed remotely from our offices is ideal for early stage due diligence when a basic overview of potential natural resources associated with a property is necessary. While not meant to replace a full site assessment, this service can be used to identify biological issues early in the process of examining a property and can direct efforts toward resolving any biological constraints during the initial phases of a project at an affordable rate.

Costs range from $500 for properties up to 50 acres to $1,000 for properties up to 250 acres.  If your property is bigger than 250 acres, call us and we’ll work it out with you!

You will receive a report identifying:

  • All sensitive biological resources previously documented in the vicinity of your property, such as rare species, habitat, wetlands, and hydric soils
  • Special status plants and wildlife
  • Biology on the site (whenever available) and occurring within 5 miles of the property
  • Potential biological resource permit requirements
  • Recommendations for future biological studies
  • Maps detailing all discoveries