About Us

The Garden Wall

The garden wall marks the boundary between what we choose to create and what we leave in a natural state. Energy and water can be saved by limiting maintenance to the area within the garden wall, while the naturalized areas provide the basis for protecting regional flora and fauna. The garden wall can be implemented literally as a beautiful stone wall or conceptually as a planning ordinance or subdivision covenant.



Place People in A Relationship with Nature

We strive to place people in a relationship with nature. Activities like gardening, photography, wildlife viewing, and fishing provide opportunities for learning and inspiration. Nature is seen not as a static picture but a phenomenon we interact with.



Ecology + Design = Innovation

We have the rare opportunity to work side by side with biologists and engineers. In addition, we have a long history of designing habitat restoration projects based on cutting-edge science. As a result, we provide design solutions that merge science and design in new and innovative ways.



Keep It Native

Natural landscapes have been converted to built environment, resulting in the loss of native habitat. Today, we understand that the use of native plants in commercial and residential development can reduce project costs and maintenance while serving great benefit to the environment too. We increasingly use native plants in our designs, reserving horticultural species for only the most important garden spaces.



Lawn Alternatives

The American lawn is an iconic representation of pastoral England and the village green but requires large amounts of maintenance and water. Residential and commercial developers are finding out that there are exciting lawn alternatives including trees and shrubs, naturalized areas, and outdoor living areas.