WRA Fish Salvage Summary Report 2012-2014

By Daniel Chase, WRA Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist


report coverFish rescue and relocation, frequently referred to as fish salvage, can be an integral component of in-stream or in-water projects. When sensitive fish species are present at a project site and dewatering is necessary, fish rescue and relocation is typically required as a permit condition for the project.

Working together with contractors, between 2012 and 2014, WRA’s team of biologists successfully conducted over 68 days of fish rescue and relocation work at 10 unique sites within five California counties. Project areas varied from small streams to larger rivers and industrial sites, and included work projects involving bridge repair, channel realignment, sediment removal, stream restoration, bank stability, and major dry dock operations.

WRA has prepared a summary report of the fish species encountered and locations where WRA biologists conducted fish rescue and relocation activities during this period. The information provided in this technical report is intended as a snapshot of the fish species encountered at an aquatic feature at a discrete period of time. This information can be used to supplement permit applications, and aid in understanding what fish species have the potential to occur in different watersheds in central and northern California.

For many of the sites discussed, more detailed data from the salvages may be available. Contact the report author, Daniel Chase, for more information about a specific sampling site, the associated data, or WRA’s approach to working in aquatic systems.