Colorado Ecosystem Services Partnership Event Explores Carbon Sequestration

photo credit: Alec Brazeau

WRA will host the Colorado Ecosystem Services Partnership (CESP) event on December 4, 2017 at the Colorado State Land Board. The program will explore carbon sequestration in the state. Carbon crediting plays a vital role in mitigating global climate change and can also provide valuable revenue streams for private and public landowners.

Tim Plass, will provide an overview of Boulder County’s pioneering efforts to pursue carbon farming, including a summary of the results of a recent CSU feasibility study assessing carbon sequestration on rangelands, irrigated croplands, and forest lands.

A group of Colorado University Master of Environment students will present the results of their study on the role Colorado’s lands can play in mitigating global climate change. The presentation will highlight major statewide carbon sinks and convey top policy opportunities to preserve and increase carbon sequestration on Colorado lands.

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About CESP

The Colorado Ecosystem Services Partnership (CESP) brings together professionals across business, nonprofit, public, and academic sectors to share ideas and explore opportunities related to ecosystem services, environmental markets, and conservation finance in Colorado. Learn more about the group on LinkedIn.