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We help you manage every aspect of your conservation investment.

Mitigation Bank Management

We have the mix of skillsets you need to manage every aspect of your conservation investment.

WRA’s full-service team can conduct the monitoring, reporting, and habitat maintenance needs of your project as well as manage stakeholders, marketing and sales of mitigation credits. With wildlife experts that have the necessary permits to conduct surveys for listed species, skilled botanists to conduct your vegetation monitoring, restoration ecologists to monitor your habitat improvement projects, and a team of engineers and landscape architects to advise on the management and maintenance of your habitat improvement projects, WRA has the technical expertise to make sure your conservation project meets its habitat performance requirements.

We manage more than just habitat.

In addition to the technical expertise needed to ensure successful operation of your conservation project, WRA brings a strong reputation with the regulatory agencies, consulting firms and project developers to help forge relationships and facilitate mitigation transactions. Our mitigation marketing and sales team provides an active marketing and sales program for our clients that includes public outreach, tours, marketing materials, and management of the full sales and ledger accounting process. WRA has facilitated over $80,000,000 in mitigation transactions for our clients.