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Finding balance while building connections.

Resiliency Assessments & Planning

Where both community and nature thrive.

We take a balanced approach to our resiliency work so that we lift up both local communities and ecosystems. We combine the need for resilience and restoration alongside local market economics. By prioritizing nature-based solutions, we make sure all species and their habitats benefit. And we work to improve communities through policy change, science-based planning, and physical projects. All-in-all, we’re on a mission to make a net positive impact.

Connection is key.

Strong social networks are key for communities to be able to withstand climate hazards and disasters. Well-informed and prepared residents and organizations can only come from inter-agency collaboration and deep community engagement. We bring everyone together, connecting community members with government officials, emergency services personnel, and each other.

For decades we have worked alongside collective bargaining partners, local government teams and policy committees. Our technical and planning expertise provide structure and procedural guidance for this connective community work. We design and facilitate meetings where leaders and citizens come together to resolve difficult resource problems.

Funding the solution.

With all these experts on our team, we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves like how to get your project funded. We work with you to understand which funders and programs are the right fit for your project. You’re in good hands as we develop your revenue model, model multiple funding streams and dig into cost estimating.

Our resilience policy and funding team do the heavy lifting of identifying, screening and prioritizing grant opportunities. State and Federal grant dollars go a long way in resiliency work. And we help you get them by developing plans, expanding your outreach capabilities, and prioritizing projects that increase your organizational capacity. We do all of this while creating the sound policy analysis and advocacy frameworks needed to attain the grants.

Resiliency Expertise

  • Biological Resource Assessments
  • CEQA Compliance
  • Community-Based Planning Facilitation
  • Defensible Space and Hazardous Fuels Reduction Plans
  • Disaster Mitigation Planning
  • GIS and Spatial Services
  • Hydrology and Flood Modeling
  • Regional Planning and Prioritization
  • Sea Level Rise Analyses
  • Wildfire Hazards, Mitigation, and Preparedness

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