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We support community and ecosystem resilience to prepare for and recover from climate change consequences.

Community Resilience

Our resiliency team brings a suite of expertise that combines resilience, restoration, and market-based solutions to uplift local economies and improve ecosystem functions.

We work to improve communities through transformative policy change, science-based planning, and on-the-ground projects. We prioritize nature-based solutions that benefit all species and the habitats on which they depend. We bring resiliency services to bear throughout project timelines, including planning, design and approvals, implementation, and long-term project support.

We help our clients position themselves for state and federal grant dollars by developing plans, expanding their outreach capabilities, and prioritizing projects designed to increase organizational capacity. We work directly with clients toward co-equal goals of positioning organizations for state and federal grant dollars while creating sound policy analysis and advocacy frameworks.

We leverage our expertise and experience to help foster key environmental outcomes to critical resilience issues.

  • Fire and Land Risk Reduction: biodiverse, native landscapes are resilient to wildfire and drought.
  • Shoreline: coastal resilience measures take into account human and coastal ecosystem objectives.
  • Water: Clean, sufficient water for communities and functioning freshwater and estuarine ecosystems.
  • Infrastructure: Green v. grey infrastructure (new and existing) is woven into the built environment.
  • Community: People have access to accurate resources related to disaster mitigation and resiliency efforts.

Our team includes experienced leaders across various disciplines. Together, some of WRA’s key services include:

  • Biology and Hydrology
  • Environmental Planning
  • Facilitation and Coalition Building
  • Funding and Grant Support
  • Geospatial Analyses
  • Wildfire Vegetation Management Plans
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Even when things get messy, we have the tenacity to push through. We offer niche services with an integrated team of experts to tackle even the most challenging environmental issues.

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