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We excel where the natural world meets human progress.

Community Resilience-04

Community Resilience

We support community and ecosystem resilience to prepare for and recover from climate change events.

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Parks + Open Space-06

Parks & Open Space

Our goal is to increase the opportunity for greater access to outdoor recreation in a way that has a positive impact on the environment.

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We help protect and conserve critical water resources by improving infrastructure for growing, resilient communities.

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We push for better outcomes and never shy away from a challenge. We aim for excellence at every level and work as a purpose-driven and socially responsible company to make it happen.

Ecological Restoration-03

Ecological Restoration

We are passionate about habitat restoration and enhancement using cutting-edge scientific methods and approaches.


Mitigation & Conservation

We offer creative strategies to avoid, minimize, or compensate for impacts to the environment by utilizing novel conservation finance strategies.



We believe in sustainable development that creates spaces to live, work, and play while responsibly integrating with nature.



We support improvements to transportation infrastructure for healthier, more connected communities and economic growth.



Working hand-in-hand as partners with local municipalities, state, and federal agencies, we deliver publicly funded projects to benefit our communities.



We support the vitality of working lands for future generations, a healthy economy, and the preservation of healthy soils and natural spaces.


Field Notes

Wildlife Impacts and Public Access: Are there unintended consequences of increasing open space visitation?
The Shelter in Place (SIP) order has been in effect in the San Francisco Bay area for nearly three months and has implications for how park, recreation, and open space…
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