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We support public access and open space planning and design within sensitive habitats for the vitality of people and nature.

Parks & Open Space

WRA understands the interdisciplinary nature of planning, designing, and implementing public access for parks and open spaces.

We support project visioning, goal setting, identifying opportunities and constraints, soliciting and responding to public input, and navigating environmental compliance requirements to produce practical, resilient, realistic plans and designs with broad public consideration and support.

We assist our clients with a full array of services including:

  • Biological resource studies
  • Environmental compliance and permitting
  • Public access planning and design
  • Public outreach and communication
  • Resilience evaluation and planning
  • Habitat restoration design
  • Construction support
  • Restoration implementation and management

We have experience working in a variety of settings including parks in designated open spaces and urban landscapes and multi-use trails on wildland and water at local, regional, and federal scales.

At WRA we work on projects we are passionate about – for me, that’s public access. I am who I am today because I spent a lifetime exploring nature through a variety of public access opportunities. Increasing these opportunities will allow more equitable access to nature. Individuals can then become stewards of the land and support its protection.

Geoff Smick
President & CEO

I connect personally with WRA’s Vision because helping to preserve, restore, and create opportunities for people to access nature enables me to share my appreciation for the natural world and contribute in a meaningful way.

Matt Richmond
Principal Ecologist
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Even when things get messy, we have the tenacity to push through. We offer niche services with an integrated team of experts to tackle even the most challenging environmental issues.

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