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Our Services

Science is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Services

We love rolling up our sleeves and taking on new challenges. Whether in the field or over Zoom, we work as an integrated team to bring you creative and efficient solutions rooted in science and led by data.

Design & Approvals

Managing the technical details allows us to expertly move projects through the entitlement process and into construction.

Biological Studies
As experts in aquatic ecology, botany, wetlands and wildlife, we’re the seasoned scientists you can count on in any environment. With over 40 years of biology and natural resource consulting under our belt, we know the regulatory issues like the back of our hand.
We have your back when it comes to compliance services, including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Our team of expert planners, biologists, mitigation specialists, landscape architects, GIS professionals, and technical partners provide the high-quality, defensible and timely documentation you need.
service_conservation entitlements
Conservation Entitlements
Being a national leader in wetland mitigation and species conservation banking means that we know all that these complex projects entail.
GIS & Spatial Services
To deliver the highest level of spatial problem solving, both literally and figuratively, bring in our dedicated GIS team.
Site 4 post construction
Habitat Restoration Design
Restoring wetland, riverine and riparian ecosystems takes a range of diverse expertise.
access design
Public Access Design
We believe in making a positive lasting impression by building a sustainable future where both people and the environment thrive.
deer island
Regulatory Permitting
The key to navigating the resource agency maze is understanding your permit requirements early on. Knowing your needs upfront allows for smarter, more comprehensive design and leads to fewer changes throughout your project, helping maximize success and minimize headaches.
Resiliency & Adaptation
Resiliency and adaptation strategies for climate events are embedded in all our planning and design services.

Questions about our process? See why this phased approach works for us.

Why Partner With Us?

Even when things get messy, we have the tenacity to push through. We offer niche services with an integrated team of experts to tackle even the most challenging environmental issues.

Explore Our Markets

From wildlands and parks to community spaces and infrastructure, our clients lean on us to help them navigate the complex regulatory environment and achieve project goals.

Dig Into Our Projects

Over the span of our 40-year history, we have completed thousands of projects that support public agencies, non-profit organizations, and private entities across a variety of markets.

Field Notes

Creating New Possibilities for a Restored Waterfront Community
The Brooklyn Basin project represents an opportunity for a restored waterfront community with parks, trails, residential and commercial spaces along the Oakland waterfront. On 64 acres of previously industrial waterfront…
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