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Doing all we can in the face of climate change.

Resiliency & Adaptation

Mother Nature is at the head of our table.

Resiliency and adaptation strategies for climate events are embedded in all our planning and design services. And on the flip side, when climate events happen, we have the expertise to inform the recovery and restoration strategies.

Our dedicated team pools their expertise to help you understand pre- and post-wildfire conditions and impacts on both infrastructure and natural systems. We are a powerhouse of shared knowledge including:

  • Restoration and Fire Ecologists
  • Hydrologists
  • Geomorphologists
  • Certified Arborists
  • Licensed Contractors
  • Landscape Architects
  • Engineers
  • Geospatial Experts

Working from our desks or out in the field, we make post-fire assessments and recommend recovery strategies at parcel, watershed, or state-wide scales. Together we provide post-fire inventories, biological, soils and hydrology assessments, wildfire damage assessments, designs and plans for BMP installations, invasive plant control, and revegetation implementation.

Building Resilience

As sea-level rise is an imminent threat to our coast and Bay shorelines, we plan and design to adapt to the rising tides. We collaborate with coastal engineers to set the elevation and timeframe for the applicable sea-level rise. Our landscape architects and GIS team design to these measures while bearing in mind the needs of the surrounding communities and for public access. We make sure we’re cultivating a sustainable future where people and the environment thrive.

Resiliency & Adaptation Expertise:

  • Environmental Compliance (CEQA & Permitting)
  • Flood Impact and Mitigation Modeling
  • Post-Fire Damage and Condition Assessments
  • Post-Fire Stabilization and Revegetation
  • Sea-Level Rise Analyses and Adaptation
  • Vegetative Fuels Treatment Plans
  • Water Budgeting and Runoff Estimating
  • Wildfire Hazard Analysis and Reduction
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Even when things get messy, we have the tenacity to push through. We offer niche services with an integrated team of experts to tackle even the most challenging environmental issues.

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