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Monitoring & Reporting

Be it science or compliance, we’ve got you covered.

Habitat restoration permits often require compliance monitoring to be in place from the get-go. But for long-term monitoring, you may need a more science-based approach to gather environmental or species data over time. Either way, with our decades of experience, you’re in good hands. We seamlessly transition from construction to monitoring, making sure we understand all of the requirements and goals of your project.

Making it easy for you.

We create comprehensive reports that are easy-to-read and illustrate your project’s progress. You’ll have a narrative that discusses the methodologies and assumptions used, sampling and observation results, and conclusions made. By using graphics as well as ground, aerial and drone photography, we can show real-world site conditions and illustrate specific points of the report.

To fully understand the relevant species lists and habitat areas, we pool our knowledge with local, state, and federal sources. We dig into their data on riparian combining zones, special recognized habitats or preserves, and designated critical habitat areas to name a few. If there are unavoidable impacts to biological resources, we’ll evaluate and recommend the avoidance and minimization measures to take. We make sure we build a sustainable future where both people and the environment thrive.

Monitoring Expertise

  • Adaptive Management Planning
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Monitoring
  • Post-Construction Drone Monitoring
  • Restored Channel Morphology Monitoring
  • Vegetation Monitoring and Reporting
  • Wildlife Monitoring and Reporting
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