Napa River Rotary Screw Trap Open House May 6

On Sunday May 6, 2018 the Napa County Resource Conservation District (RCD) will host an open house at the Napa River Rotary Screw Trap. For nearly a decade, the RCD has been using the rotary screw trap, a fish collection device, to monitor fish populations in the Napa River Watershed, with particular focus on steelhead and Chinook salmon. The trap operates seven days a week from approximately March 1 through June 2 during the juvenile fish migration period.  The trap captures juvenile steelhead, Chinook salmon, along with several other native and non-native species as they swim downstream.  With the help of volunteers, RCD counts, weighs, and measures the fish before they are returned back to the river. Certain fish are also tagged and have small genetic samples taken, which allows scientists to track and monitor the steelhead and salmon populations. The data collected since 2009 has helped biologists and resource managers better manage steelhead and Chinook salmon within the Napa Valley Watershed.

The Open House will allow visitors to see the trap in action, discover the diversity of species that live in the Napa River, and learn about the health of the watershed. WRA, Inc. has provided seasonal biological services including trap monitoring since 2017. Senior Fisheries Biologist Dan Chase will be on hand at the event. For more information and to RSVP, see the RCD event page – space is limited!