New Research Published on Wetland Rapid Assessment Method

WRA Senior Biologist Kari Dupler is lead author of a research paper recently published called “Rapid Assessment of Wetland Condition Reflects Amphibian Community Composition”. 

Kentucky has lost over 80% of its wetlands, and because state-wide monitoring was historically minimal, this number is likely underestimated. The Kentucky Wetland Rapid Assessment Method (KY-WRAM) was developed by the Kentucky Division of Water and Eastern Kentucky University, in conjunction with a technical working group, to assess wetland condition throughout the state. The objective of this study was to determine if the KY-WRAM reflects wetland condition (i.e., validation) by comparing it to intensive assessments of amphibian communities, while simultaneously addressing which environmental variables explain the distribution and abundance of amphibian species in riverine wetlands in the Salt and Kentucky river basins of Kentucky.

The paper was published in Wetlands and is available online. Read the full article here