Species Translocation Optimizes Conservation Bank Value at Ridge Top Ranch


California Red-legged Frog (Rana draytonii)

A recent article published in National Mitigation Banking Association’s Winter 2015 newsletter focuses on the success of federally-protected species translocation at Ridge Top Ranch Wildlife Conservation Bank.  The results, in combination with available credits to mitigate future impacts, provide an opportunity to bolster financial value for conservation banks and increase the potential return for investors and landowners.

A collaborative effort of bank sponsor Ridge Top Ranch, LLC and WRA, California red-legged frogs (CRLF) were successfully translocated to a previously unoccupied site.  This technique offers a unique opportunity to increase and strengthen populations and innovates beyond traditional methods which have historically focused on preservation and restoration of occupied habitats.

In addition, Ridge Top Ranch serves as the first translocation case study used to establish a conservation bank and reflects a progressive attitude by the resource agencies to embrace innovation to advance the science of species recovery.

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About Ridge Top Ranch

The Ridge Top Ranch Wildlife Conservation Bank is a 745-acre ranch situated in Solano County, California.  The property supports two federally listed wildlife species: CRLF and Callippe Silverspot butterfly.  The bank offers US Fish and Wildlife Service credits for both species as single or combination (dual) credits.  The bank will service the greater San Francisco Bay Area including many Northern California counties from Santa Clara County to the south to Shasta County in the north.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Ridge Top Ranch Wildlife Conservation Bank, please contact bank sponsor Tim Roberts at (720) 554-8206 or Timothy.Roberts@aptim.com; or WRA’s credit sales lead Andrew Cawley at (415) 524-7535 or cawley@wra-ca.com.