Conservation Finance

WRA's conservation finance team brings private investment to conservation.

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New opportunities are emerging for landowners and investors to reap financial returns through conservation investments. The Conservation Finance team, in collaboration with WRA’s staff of biologists, landscape architects, permitting specialists, and mitigation banking experts provide the unique combination of expertise to help clients navigate this rapidly evolving asset class. We work directly with landowners to identify and develop natural resource assets on both private and public lands. We also work with investors to source, develop, and manage conservation investments that are aligned with each client’s risk and return requirements and mission. In every endeavor, we strive to achieve a double bottom line of positive financial and environmental outcomes.

WRA’s Conservation Finance Department provides the following services:

Consulting and Product Development

WRA identifies and evaluates new conservation investment opportunities for wetlands, species, and carbon resources, ranging in scale from individual turnkey projects, to natural resource banks, to market-based programs across large landscapes. WRA evaluates investment opportunities from ecological, financial, and regulatory perspectives and guides clients through project design, regulatory approval, and business and operations planning.

Natural Asset Monetization

WRA conducts opportunity assessments to help both landowners and investors evaluate the potential of natural assets in the context of various environmental markets, including wetland banking, species banking, carbon offsets trading, and water quality trading. Read more here.

Asset Management

WRA manages the day-to-day operations, financial planning and reporting for conservation assets, such as wetland mitigation banks, to ensure compliance and financial sustainability. In some cases, WRA will take over the management of assets that clients have invested in or developed but do not have the skills or capacity to manage.

Financial Advisory

WRA’s Conservation Finance team works under Conservation Investment Management, an investment advisory firm. We advise high net worth individuals, family offices and foundations on conservation investments, including development of new business models, due diligence, capital formation, and acquisition.

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