Mitigation & Conservation Banking

Dedicated banking experts to help with credit development, sales, and purchases.

Wetland Mitigation Bank Credits

Projects with the potential to impact critical habitat, threatened and endangered species, or wetlands and streams can be candidates for mitigation banking credits to offset impacts. We have worked extensively with owners of banks, as well as mitigation and conservation credit buyers, to facilitate compensatory mitigation needs. Our mix of consultants includes finance, real estate, biology, permitting, landscape architecture, GIS, and marketing professionals to deliver on every aspect of your mitigation and conservation banking projects.

Mitigation and Conservation Bank Development

Our multi-disciplinary team delivers a complete turnkey solution, from project conception to its ultimate implementation. Read more.

Site Selection and Feasibility Studies

WRA ensures clients heed the crucial first step when contemplating mitigation banking: site due diligence. Read more.

Entitlement and Communication with Agencies

We provide careful coordination of the bank entitlement process with agencies and stakeholders. Read more.

Asset Management, Sales, and Marketing

Our external relationships coupled with our talent in-house enable us to execute on all fronts — from mitigation banking management to credit marketing to sales. Read more.