Site Selection and Feasibility Studies

WRA ensures clients heed the crucial first step when contemplating a mitigation and conservation bank: site due diligence.

mitigation bank feasibility study

For this service, we focus on a specific parcel that you have identified and that you may have under contract. Our goal is to evaluate the feasibility of a mitigation or conservation bank on this property and the potential value of the opportunity. The end product is a detailed due diligence report that you can use to guide your investment decision or as part of a broader set of offering documents. Our standard site analysis is built on four legs:

Site Evaluation

WRA uses simple desktop GIS analysis or, when required, a site visit to assess site resources; identify conservation and restoration opportunities; and approximate crediting potential. Regulatory conditions and scientific precedent are considered to determine potential service areas for site resources.

Market Supply Assessment

WRA uses its proprietary database and coordinates with agencies to identify potentially competing mitigation opportunities within the market. Competition may include existing banks, pending banks, Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs), and in-lieu fee programs. WRA will assess potential pricing based on those competing alternatives.

Market Demand Assessment

WRA coordinates with agencies to determine historical resource impacts within the site’s watershed(s). Mitigation ratios and driving regulatory policies are also analyzed. Looking forward, WRA will identify potential projects within the development process or in the pipeline that will be in need of compensatory mitigation. Additionally, WRA can utilize GIS overlays to incorporate and quantify habitat in the path of development.

Pro Forma

In the final step of the analysis, WRA incorporates findings into a potential bank valuation and asset financial pro forma and assists in weighing a variety of deal structures.