Expert Consultation and Witness Services

WRA is sought after to provide expert testimony and advisory services related to wetlands and natural resources matters — testament to our decades of sound experience and subject matter expertise.

Wetlands and natural resources issues are complex given the large number of laws and policies, conflicts between landowners and environmentalists, and uncertainties concerning wetland management and mitigation. There are few easy solutions to conflicts involving endangered species and/or wetlands. Where agreement is not possible, legal action is typically the recourse.

WRA provides expert consultation services to government agencies and industry. We strive to collect objective and scientific information using standard procedures. Our reports and conclusions are based on a thorough understanding of the problem and a detailed explanation of our findings. These services have won uniform acceptance from a number of parties involved in disputes and have provided the basis for agreement.

WRA has provided technical advisory services to the S.F. Bay Conservation and Development Commission, the California Coastal Commission and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Dr. Josselyn has been qualified in federal courts as an expert witness. We have also been retained by the U.S. Department of Justice and the California State Attorney’s Office to provide expert witness services.