Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA)

From initial project planning and due diligence to final site reclamation, WRA can assist you with the full spectrum of environmental compliance per regulatory and SMARA requirements.


WRA’s expertise in environmental policy and compliance makes us ideally suited to assist quarry and mine operators with environmental compliance.  WRA has a full suite of biologists, restoration specialists, and landscape architects who are trained in SMARA regulations and have assisted with many aspects of mine permitting and reclamation of mined lands.

WRA staff can help you with the following types of SMARA-related environmental compliance:

  • Preliminary site investigation for sensitive environmental resources including wetland and stream delineations, sensitive habitat mapping, and endangered species surveys
  • Regulatory agency permitting (Corps, CDFG, RWQCB, USFWS, USNMFS) for impacts to sensitive resources
  • Permit compliance assessment and reporting
  • Mitigation planning to compensate for impacts to sensitive resources
  • CEQA biology initial study assistance
  • Revegetation plan development for reclamation plans, including reference site characterization
  • Revegetation test plot programs for soil blend and seed selection
  • Revegetation success criteria development and monitoring and reporting to show compliance with reclamation standards
  • Weed management plans
  • GIS mapping and figure production
  • SWPPP and erosion control plans