Wetland Delineation

WRA has extensive experience in determining the extent and nature of wetlands and in assisting clients with securing related environmental compliance permits.

WRA conducts jurisdictional wetland delineations and assessments in a wide range of wetland habitat types including: tidal salt and freshwater wetlands, non-tidal seasonal wetlands, riparian woodlands, vernal pools, freshwater marshes, mountain meadows, bottomland hardwoods, seasonal forested wetlands, man-made wetlands, agricultural fields, farmed wetlands, and ponds. Our training and field experience are essential when many technical variables must be considered to ensure that the appropriate upland-wetland boundary is established.

Our wetlands delineation staff are certified in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE) standard delineation methodology. We have the expert knowledge about wetland vegetation, hydric soils, and wetland hydrology needed to complete general assessments and jurisdictional delineations that are uniformly accepted by federal and state agencies without costly re-investigation. WRA frequently provides third party expertise in settling wetland jurisdictional disputes. We utilize the latest scientific techniques and approaches — including Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment with sub-meter accuracy and GIS mapping technology — to provide our clients with the best methodologies possible. We also keep current on the latest regulatory guidance from COE headquarters regarding adjacent jurisdictional versus isolated non-jurisdictional wetlands in addition to specific requirements of each local COE district office.