George Salvaggio

George designs wetland restoration projects including tidal marsh, vernal pools, seasonal wetlands, ponds, and lakes. He also designs parks and open space projects and specializes in integrating public access in to sensitive habitats. He is passionate in applying science and technology to design sustainable residential and commercial development. Read full bio at WRA.

Brian Bartell

Brian’s passion lies in restoring natural systems. Over the course of 25 years of professional experience, he has successfully combined his landscape architecture background with a natural resource restoration and conservation ethic fostered by his love of the outdoors. Brian focuses his design efforts on wetland, stream, and habitat restoration, and is always mindful of maximizing ecological uplift, minimizing cost, and meeting project goals. Whether he’s knee-deep in water assessing the condition of a stream channel or hanging off an excavator to provide some guidance, Brian’s hands-on approach has resulted in a wide range of highly successful projects. Read full bio at WRA.

Ingrid Morken

Ingrid applies her background in landscape architecture and ecology to the planning and design of habitat restoration, open space, park, and low-impact development projects. She has a passion for finding opportunities to enhance and restore natural processes and ecological function at every project site. Ingrid also incorporates sustainable design elements whenever possible, such as lawn and turf alternatives, on-site rainwater management features, and theuse of recycled and salvaged materials. Read full bio at WRA.