The public has access to the center of the restored wetland where there are wildlife viewing areas and an educational pavilion. A new wetland boardwalk connects the mainland to an isolated peninsula.An ADA accessible wetland boardwalk immerses visitors into the marsh where there are opportunities for outdoor education related to wetland ecology.Public access facilities were carefully integrated into the freshwater marsh in a manner that protects wildlife and sensitive habitat areas. The education pavilion was constructed from salvaged eucalyptus logs. A wetland boardwalk and an ADA trail allows visitors to move throughout the marsh without disturbing wildlife.An education pavilion was constructed from salvaged eucalyptus trees that were removed from the marsh. Careful site detailing inspires stewardship in the members of the public who visit the site. The shade provides visitors a sanctuary from the hot sun and comfortable place to spend time bird watching.The shaded area lies at the center of the marsh. It is a quiet place to contemplate the relationship between heaven and earth, man and nature.