WRA landscape architects provided the landscape design and interpretive board design for an innovative stormwater treatment system at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory which collects water in a series of basins and filters it through an engineered soil media designed to remove heavy metals and other targeted pollutants. Plants were selected to enhance pollinator habitat as well as their ability to aid stormwater treatment in the sedimentation and biofilter basins.WRA conducted a pilot planting study to determine which native plants would perform best under the hydrologic conditions.The stormwater is collected in a basin which is planted with native plants which serve to enhance treatment by absorbing water, maintaining infiltration rates, and creating complex soil structures. Plants support soil biota that can break down stormwater pollutants trapped in the soil.Public access features as well as two interpretive signs are incorporated into the landscape that will be used for public tours and will eventually become public open space.