Parks and Open Space Areas


WRA works with inspired clients to provide public access to open space areas with sensitive habitats. Our landscape architects, biologists, and permitting specialists work with park advocates to restore habitats and provide controlled public access.  Stewardship comes from an appreciation for the beauty and natural wonderment of nature, and public access to land with special status species helps build the stewardship ethic.

Steamer Landing Park Project

The City of Petaluma constructed the gateway to the new park located within the heart of the Petaluma River. WRA designed the parking and entrance area for the new park, and a variety of public access features that celebrate the Petaluma River including a river overlook, river-side multi-use trail and the new Petaluma River Heritage Center. List of Services: Wetland delineation, regulatory permit applications, wildlife surveys, park conceptual design, construction documents, trail design, design of park infrastructure, construction observation services, site grading and drainage, on-site stormwater treatment.

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North Yreka Creek Greenway Project

Striking a balance between river restoration, flood protection, and public access along riverways, the North Yreka Creek Greenway will demonstrate that all of these goals can met simultaneously. This multi-goal project includes river restoration, flood plain enhancement, a multi-use trail, and park facilities. List of Services: park conceptual design, trail design, grading and drainage, design of park infrastructure, on-site stormwater treatment, coordination of engineering and environmental review subconsultants, design of pedestrian bridges and boardwalks.

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Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Coastal Trail and Beach Access Project

WRA worked with the County of San Mateo to demonstrate that the California Coastal Trail and improved beach access can be implemented in coastal areas with extremely sensitive environmental and cultural issues. Our landscape architects worked with engineering and archaeological subconsultants to design a multi-use and ADA accessible trail. A pedestrian bridge also passes safely through sensitive wildlife habitat and culturally significant resources. List of Services: wetland delineation, regulatory permit applications, wildlife surveys, park conceptual design, construction documents, trail design, ADA accessibility design, design of retaining wall systems and scenic overlooks, design of pedestrian bridges, coordination of engineering and CEQA subconsultants.

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