The North Yreka Creek Greenway project was design to accomplish multiple goals including the restoration of the floodplain which was destroyed by hydraulic mining, creek restoration to enhance salmon habitat, and the creation of a City wide creek-side greenway.Located within the City’s core, the creek-side outdoor classroom is a quiet space where grade school level children can ‘show-and-tell’ treasures that they have found in and around the creek.Unique to Yreka Creek, the creekside elevated boardwalk will allow visitors to view salmon migrating in the creek from within the tree canopy of the adjacent riparian trees.Many of our clients want to showcase sustainable building practices as part of their outdoor educational programs. This strawbale sound wall will create a quiet environnment for the outdoor classroom.WRA collaborates with other design and engineering professionals to create public access features in sensitive habitat areas including this elevated boardwalk that is located within the active flood plain of Yreka Creek.