WRA Experts Presenting Restoration Topics at SERCAL 2019

WRA is a proud sponsor of the 2019 SERCAL Conference April 10-12, 2019 in Santa Barbara!

This year’s theme is Beyond Recovery: Restoration for the Future, and the event is focused on collective restoration expertise and efforts that work toward resiliency and ecosystem recovery for current and future generations.

Kari Dupler is chair for the Technology & Tools session and a number of WRA experts will present technical presentations, including:

Stream and Fisheries

  • Conservation banking as a tool for riparian and floodplain restoration (Dan Chase)

Coastal / Sea Level Rise

  • Restoration or Reconciliation? Shifting paradigms and strategies for conserving threatened wildlife in the San Francisco Estuary (Katie Smith)

Mitigation / Conservation

  • Restoring ecological processes: challenges with uncertainty in mitigation banking (Ashley Zavagno)
  • Mitigation banking: an engine for restoration (Andrew Cawley)

Technology & Tools

  • Environmental DNA (eDNA) use for project planning and species detection (Patricia Valcarcel)
  • UAV/RTK data collection for active construction oversight and as-built documentation (Sundaran Gillespie)

Poster Session

  • Public-Private Collaboration for Land Preservation (Kari Dupler)

For more information please visit the SERCAL 2019 conference website