WRA Fisheries Expert to Present at the American Fisheries Society Cal-Neva Annual Meeting

The Cal-Neva Chapter of the American Fisheries Society 52nd Annual Meeting will be held February 28-March 2 in San Luis Obispo. The theme of the meeting is “Outside the Bubble”. The conference, which brings together academics, scientists, regulators, and others dedicated to the fisheries community, will focus on the critical need to engage with those outside of the scientific “bubble” and relate research to everyday lives of community members to help positively influence science-based policy.

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WRA Senior Fisheries Biologist Daniel Chase will be presenting “A Tale of Two Gobies: Non-native Tridentigers in San Francisco Bay”. The talk will focus on better informing our understanding of these species along with some of the unique challenges they may pose to native fish recovery efforts. This informative talk will focus on research being conducted with his co-authors Erin Flynn and Dr. Anne Todgham of the University of California, Davis.

Dan and his colleagues will be presenting March 2nd at 4:00 pm as part of 9. General Session as listed in the complete program.