WRA, Inc. Announces Geoff Smick as Chief Executive Officer

WRA, Inc. is excited to announce that its Board of Directors has appointed Geoff Smick as the new Chief Executive Officer. Geoff is a 14-year veteran with WRA and has exemplified strong leadership and commitment to company goals and operations having served as President since 2014. Geoff will continue to serve his clients in WRA’s core markets with an emphasis on providing strategic guidance to help navigate complex regulatory policy for public, private, and non-profit entities throughout California.

WRA thanks outgoing CEO, Timothy DeGraff, for his 16 years of service with the company. During Tim’s tenure, the company experienced tremendous growth with the addition of new services, experts, and additional offices to support our clients and projects. Tim also laid the foundation for the company’s mitigation and conservation banking practice which continues to thrive with WRA’s multidisciplinary team working alongside public and private clients to deliver some of California’s most complex and innovative environmental projects.

“This is an incredible honor to lead the company in to an exciting new chapter,” said Smick. “I will focus on ensuring that our clients and project partners continue to receive the highest quality services and innovative solutions they have come to expect from WRA, while fostering a collaborative and innovative environment for our team to thrive.”

Under Geoff’s leadership, WRA has instituted a comprehensive client relationship program to better engage and respond to client needs, calibrated operations to improve efficiencies and project delivery performance, and added new service offerings to the company’s portfolio including water resources engineering to support WRA’s many mitigation and restoration projects.

In addition, Geoff has recently led WRA through the development of a strategic plan, a collaborative planning effort amongst company shareholders and leaders to refine the company’s mission, vision, and values and provide clear direction for future growth and success. The plan emphasizes value driven solutions, client-centric performance, and team member satisfaction. “I am excited to implement many of the new ideas that are emerging from the strategic process,” said Smick. “We will be doing many great things in the next few years that will greatly increase our company’s positive impact for our clients, projects, team members, community, and the environment.”

“Geoff is a natural choice to lead WRA as CEO,” said Michael Josselyn, WRA principal and co-founder. “In addition to his many years of service at WRA, Geoff has demonstrated his commitment to the company in his role as President and a member of the Board of Directors. He continues to focus on serving our client’s needs and growing WRA’s reputation as a industry leader in sustainable environmental solutions.”

2018 marks WRA’s 36th year in business as a strong and diverse consulting company with nearly 90 employees in offices throughout California. The company provides expertise in plant, wildlife, and wetland ecology, regulatory compliance, geospatial analyses, mitigation and conservation, environmental planning, landscape architecture, restoration design, and water resources engineering.

If you have any questions, please contact Geoff at 415-454-8868, smick@wra-ca.com, or connect with him on LinkedIn.