WRA is a Certified Small Business in Alameda County (2020 Update)

It has been a few years since we earned our certification as a Small Business with Alameda County’s Small, Local, Emerging Business (SLEB) Program. We have grown significantly in that time and wanted to share some updates. 

Services and Experience

Our East Bay office team, located in Emeryville, offers a full suite of environmental consulting expertise, including:

  • Plant, wildlife, and wetland ecology
  • Environmental planning
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting
  • Mitigation and conservation strategies
  • Water resources engineering 
  • Landscape architecture
  • GIS

In recent months, we have  doubled our office footprint and the additional space could not have come at a better time, as the Emeryville office has been growing exponentially and now serves as home-base for nearly 30 professionals – a great leap from our initial headcount of seven!

Our long history of working in Alameda County is rich and diverse, with more than 300 projects for local municipalities, private sector clients, and non-profit organizations. A few of our recent projects are highlighted below.

Springtown Wetland Mitigation Project

Springtown is an alkali sink wetland complex located in north Livermore that contains a matrix of uplands and sensitive habitats including vernal pools, seasonal wetlands, and locally rare vegetation communities. This property provides habitat for a variety of rare and listed species, including Palmate-bracted bird’s beak (state and federal endangered) Livermore tarplant (state endangered), vernal pool fairy shrimp (federal endangered), California tiger salamander (state and federal threatened), and burrowing owl. 

The City-owned portion of Springtown is approximately 300 acres, of which this project is preserving 40 acres. Recently, the property has been subject to trespass and vandalism, including frequent use by motorized dirt bikes, and remote controlled vehicles. The project applicant has provided funding for a long-term management plan, approximately 0.45 acres of wetland enhancement and restoration of impacted wetlands, and preservation of 6.08 acres of wetlands. The applicant will also fund an endowment for management of the property in perpetuity, including replacement of fencing to prevent future trespass. The US Army Corps of Engineers and San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board are the regulatory agencies that approved this project with input from CFDW.  

Livermore Area Recreation And Park District Zone 7 Trail Project

The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (LARPD) is planning the construction of a new 1.97-mile multi-use trail through Zone 7 property in unincorporated Alameda County. Consistent with the objectives listed in LARPD’s Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan, the path would connect existing trails within LARPD’s Sycamore Grove Park and East Bay Regional Park District’s Del Valle Regional Park. This regional trail system provides recreational opportunities for hikers, equestrians, runners, and cyclists from throughout the East Bay, making network connectivity a high priority for stakeholders who manage and use the system.

WRA was hired to draft the CEQA Initial Study (IS)/ Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) and CEQA notices, and to conduct a wetland delineation and biological resources assessment for the proposed project area. As part of the permitting process, WRA evaluated two alternative trail alignments to compare impacts to sensitive habitat and permitting needs of each alternative. The trail alignment alternative chosen for this project will avoid a freshwater emergent wetland seep and sensitive purple needlegrass grassland habitat; therefore, this project will not require permits from the United States Army Corps of Engineers or Regional Water Quality Control Board. 

Oak Knoll Mixed-use Community Development

WRA is providing biological services to the Oak Knoll Venture Acquisition, LLC to support the redevelopment of the 183-acre former Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, located in Oakland, California.  Working with SunCal, ESA, BKF, and other firms, WRA assisted with the Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) portion of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review process. Based on the information collected during these surveys, WRA prepared a wetland delineation report and agency permit applications for the restoration of approximately 3,500 feet of Rifle Range Creek, including a California Department of Fish & Game Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement and Clean Water Act Section 401 and Section 404 permits. WRA also prepared permits for the redevelopment project, including the City of Oakland tree permit, tree mitigation plan, and the Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plan. Permits were received in 2019 and work has commenced at the site. 

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Thank you for accompanying us on our journey! Your continued support has helped us grow in ways we never could have imagined.

Our Emeryville team would love to have the opportunity to support your upcoming project. 

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